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Who Are the Snowbirds?

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The number of snowbirds is only growing.
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For many Coloradans, the winter months mean fresh powder, crowded lodges, and sledding down doughy white hills. To cap off the endless snow days, grab a crockpot of stew and a hot cup of cocoa. This is what winter means to some in Colorado. However, snow tires, icy roads, and frigid temperatures bring this winter wonderland back to reality. For many residents of the Centennial State, winter is something that they need to escape from. These people are what they call the “snowbirds.”

Snowbirds are an interesting breed. They live in cold-weather climates like the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada, but they don’t like the cold. Sure, Colorado is great during the summer. Amazing hiking trails, crystal clear lakes, and fresh blue skies are sure to attract anyone to the Rocky Mountains. However, once the clouds cover their coveted sun, snowbirds fly away to warmer temperatures.

Snowbirds – ˈsnōˌbərds
scientific name:  nix – avem

The snowbirds got their name because they migrate like many birds do in the colder months. They’ll pack up their bags and move their lives somewhere warmer. Typically, they set up shop in Florida, Arizona, or California. They wait out the winter, enjoying the year-round summer weather in these warmer climates, and return home when the snow melts. It is estimated that there are nearly 9 million snowbirds who travel south every year, and this number is only growing.

Traditionally, snowbirds are retirees, which makes sense. Many people can’t just pack up their offices and move across state lines for an extended period of time. However, with the rise of technology and communication standards, many people find they can work from anywhere. If you’re thinking about joining the flock of snowbirds, there are some key things you should take advantage of.

The number one thing that all snowbirds say is to take enough things to make you feel like you’re still at home. This doesn’t mean bringing the kitchen sink, but enough of the kitchen that makes your new temporary house feel like home. Many snowbirds like to bring their cars. Driving your own car that you are familiar with is something that makes people feel good. If you have to adjust to a rental or are stuck in the back of a rideshare, your snowbird experience may not be as freeing as it should be.

A good idea is to get your car shipped with a quality auto shipping company. Colorado Springs Car Transport is an auto shipping company that is familiar with driving on snowy roads. They can get your car from the snowy peaks of the Rockies down to the warm beaches of San Diego in no time.

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