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What’s the Difference Between Enclosed and Open Transport?

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Open transport trailers like this are perfect for most people
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Shipping a car has never been easier. With online quotes, brokers, and more transport trucks on the road than ever before, the only difficult thing is making a choice. The biggest choice you’ll have to make is deciding between open transport and enclosed transport. This refers to the type of trailer that your car will ride on. They both have their pros and cons, but you really can’t go wrong with either option. What it really comes down to is the kind of vehicle you want to ship. We’ll break down the differences so you can choose what’s best for your car.

Open Transport

More than 90% of transport trailers on the road today are open transport trailers. You’ve probably seen them on the road. They’re the double-decker trailers that hold anywhere between six and ten cars. You might have wondered how they get those cars on there. The benefits of choosing this option come from the sheer availability of open transport trailers. Since there are so many, you’re more than likely to get a reservation at a moment’s notice. If you have specific dates or you need your car shipped immediately, you’ll likely need to choose open transport. Additionally, since drivers never want to have an open spot on a trailer, open transport trailers are significantly cheaper. It’s a buyer’s market and you are sure to find a deal, especially in the off season. All in all, open transport trailers are faster and cheaper than enclosed transport trailers.

However, there are some cons when you pick open transport. The vehicles are exposed to the elements, which may cause some dangers. It’s almost guaranteed that your car will arrive with a healthy layer of dirt. Not only that, but the rogue pebble could bounce off the road and dink a side panel or crack a window. If you need to ship your car through harsh weather, freezing rain or hail could cause some significant issues during your shipment. That being said, any quality car shipping company will have more than enough insurance to handle any issue. Even car dealerships use open transport trailers to ship their brand new cars. For most people, open transport trailers are the best option for their vehicle.

Enclosed Transport

If you have a classic car or a luxury vehicle, you may want to ditch open transport and consider enclosed transport. Enclosed transport trailers encompass a variety of trailers. These trailers could fit ten cars or just one car. Despite the differences, they all have one thing in common. They all have a canvas or hard-shell cover that protects your vehicle from the outside world. Since many classic and luxury cars are harder to repair, even if it’s just a scratch, many owners don’t want to risk the elements with an open transport trailer. Some custom cars can’t even be loaded onto an open transport trailer. Their ground clearance is too low to drive up the ramp, or they have aftermarket parts that can’t make the clearance. These cars have to opt for a trailer with a hydraulic lift that has room for their car. These trailers often only fit one or two other vehicles.

The way many of these shipping companies help save you money is by dividing the costs among the vehicles on the trailer. costs like gas, toll roads, and specialty permits. Unfortunately, if your car is the only car on the trailer, that all comes out of your pocket. Enclosed transport is surely going to be the more expensive option for a variety of reasons. The costs are one thing, but the availability is another. There just aren’t as many on the road, which means you’ll have some stiff competition if you want to get your car on one of these trailers. However, if you have a classic or luxury car, the extra money may be worth the added protection.

The Best Transport Depends on your Car

If you still need to ship your car, Colorado Springs Car Transport is a fantastic option. They have access to hundreds of trailers of every type. You can feel confident shipping your car, no matter the type. With industry leading insurance built right into their quotes, they can get your car on a trailer fast. Give them a call today and see how easy it is to ship your car.

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