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Weed While Driving: Impaired = Jail

You are currently viewing Weed While Driving: Impaired = Jail
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Legal weed has been available in the state of Colorado for over a decade now. In its wake, traffic accidents rose, and then sharply fell below the normal standard. There are a few reasons why, but being safe and responsible in a legalized state is still the standard.

Smoking Legal Weed is Still Considered a DUI

Despite how you feel, and despite how cannabis has a lesser effect on your impairment as alcohol or other, harder drugs, ingesting cannabis before you drive is still considered an impairment. If you are pulled over after you have smoked, there is a high (heh) chance you will be detained. DON’T DO IT.

How They Can Tell

A police officer still has the right to detain you if they sense that you are impaired. This means swerving, or any sudden driving movements that are not exemplified by proper driving etiquette. By this time, the state of Colorado has been developing technologies that can detect specific amounts of THC in a person’s body. Unfortunately, like alcohol, these can be extremely unreliable and you can find yourself in jail for a faulty test.

How to Plan Ahead

Get your snacks ready before you decide to smoke. That way, halfway through your good-time, you won’t have to panic when you get to the hungry part of your journey. Another good option is to get delivery. This is America, there is a pizza place on every corner. Chinese food might be a little further, but you can either walk or get delivery. Another thing is to have a designated driver. Typically, a night out can involve both cannabis and alcohol so having someone to spot your drive might be a good plan. Also, duh, Uber exists.

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