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Unwritten Trucking Rules

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Unwritten trucking rules have as much gravity as the ones many learn from their CDL schooling. Understanding these rules requires time and experience. Luckily for you, we have developed a shortlist of the most prominent unwritten rules so watch out for the following:

Unwritten Trucking Rules for Fueling

Every second count when hauling a shipment to your required destination. A ten-minute trip for food and a bathroom break might be quick, but for others, it can leave them heavily waiting. You need to quickly fill up, get out of line at the pump, park and then grab your necessities. Leaving your truck at the pump while you take your bathroom break creates issues for others and you need to be courteous. A new truck driver should be seeking respect from long-time drivers and this step is an easy one.

Do Not Talk About Your Haul

You’re going to be talking to a lot of drivers. When you park at a truck stop for the night, you will meet others riding the same highways and bi-ways as yourself. Truckers have their own interesting community when on the road and it will be easy to make a new friend. On the other hand, be cautious when discussing the properties of your trip. The driver you meet one night at a truck stop might not be your best friend and you should keep the dialogue away from the specifics of your trip. All cargo is valuable, and it must be protected.

Be Aware of Other Truckers

Courtesy on the road is a huge plus. Truckers face poor weather conditions, reckless drivers and their own personal lives. While on the road, do you best to acknowledge your fellow driver. A simple wave can make a huge difference to other truck drivers. Establishing professional conduct is extremely important when on the road. Small things like that can be helpful and important when building your reputation as a driver.

Adhere to Parking Restrictions

Make sure you stay slow through parking lots and truck stops. In any and all cases, taking the time to go through stops is detrimental to the safety of yourself and others. Watch your speed limit. Another important factor is while pulling into a truck stop, keep your headlights from shining into other truckers’ windows. Remember that operating under alternating sleep schedules is a major issue within the trucking industry, so when you park in front of another trucker, make sure you aren’t being loud, have headlights on or disturbing their sleep.

Assist your Fellow Truckers

Remember when you were starting out? being able to provide assistance and help can go a long way for all drivers. There is a community in the trucking industry and you are a part of it. If you are in rush hour, try and help other drivers safely pass in order to get where they need to go. Keeping close contact through CB radio will let another driver know that they have safely transitioned their lane. Being aware of the safety of other drivers is of utmost importance. Remember, you are trying to build a positive reputation as a driver. If you are looking out for the safety of others, others will lookout for the safety of you. Informing drivers of upcoming weather conditions can be a helpful asset for the trucking community. Anything that could affect other truck drivers should be mentioned. It can be lonely on the roads, so having another trucker looking out for your well-being can be a positive experience.

Understanding these unwritten trucking rules will work to build your reputation as a professional truck driver. Keeping the community moving and respect is a major factor in helping the lives of others and maintaining a positive experience while on the road

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