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Two Detergent Pods Found in the Halloween Treat Bag

You are currently viewing Two Detergent Pods Found in the Halloween Treat Bag
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A Colorado Springs mom says she was disgusted when she found two dishwasher detergent pods were given to her son in his Halloween candy.


Jennifer Wiley says she and her 6-year-old son went trick-or-treating in several neighborhoods around Colorado Springs on Tuesday night; The Briargate neighborhood where she lives, a neighborhood on the east side of town near Woodmen and Marksheffel Road, and a neighborhood near Memorial Hospital around downtown Colorado Springs. She is not sure where her son got the pods.


Jennifer says she noticed the pod packets in her son’s candy on Thursday. Although they are not deadly, the detergent pods can make kids very sick to their stomach.


“I mean it is shiny, it opens like candy, you know, you grab a handful including this. A kid, a parent would never notice, and we did not”, she said. She is extremely happy her son did not eat them before she found what is wrong.


Jennifer says that she plans to file a police report, but police tell us that might not do much good. They say there have not been any other reports of kids finding detergent pods in their candy. If no one is injured, they say it is not against the law to give a child a detergent pod.


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