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Trapped by Semi-Truck: Mother & Children Hurt in Crash

You are currently viewing Trapped by Semi-Truck: Mother & Children Hurt in Crash
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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Late Saturday morning, a semi-truck crash occurred: a mother and her three children got trapped in their car. Just before noon, they crashed into a semi-truck.

This occurred near the intersection of South Union Boulevard and Hancock Expressway. According to investigators, at the time of the semi-truck crash, the truck headed northbound on Union and attempted to make a U-turn.

The family traveled in a smaller car, which was also going northbound. The small car hit the semi-truck. And, as a result, the car became wedged under the truck. The driver of the semi-truck, along with other drivers on the road, rushed to help the family after the crash.

Once emergency personnel arrived, they had to cut the sedan out from below the semi-truck. After that, they were able to remove the family members from the vehicle.

Emergency personnel transported the mother and her children to the hospital. At that time, it appeared that two of the children were in critical condition. While this is an ongoing investigation, no charges of any kind have been filed at this time regarding the semi-truck crash.

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