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The Centennial State Wind Power Cuts are Good but More is Needed

You are currently viewing The Centennial State Wind Power Cuts are Good but More is Needed
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The Centennial State’s largest electricity provider is expecting to have 4,400 MW of wind power by the end of 2021. Details are expected in Xcel’s resource plan Wednesday.

Centennial State and Xcel Energy

In fact, Xcel Energy has cut its carbon emissions by 5% in 2020. This is compared with 2019. It was due in large part to the addition of new wind generation. This is according to the company, Colorado’s largest electricity provider.

Centennial State Carbon Emissions are Going Down

Declined a record of 12% are carbon emissions. Because they exist in Xcel’s companywide service area that includes several other states.

Moreover, the carbon dioxide emissions of Xcel’s come from burning coal and natural gas to generate electricity. In fact, coal is the main source of carbon emissions.

Moreover, Xcel has pointed to the reduction to the addition of renewable generation across the system. This consists of 800 megawatts of wind projects in late 2019 and 2,200 MW in 2020.

Therefore, Straddling Kit Carson and Cheyenne counties, among the projects is the 500 MW Cheyenne Ridge Wind Farm. This farm is a 229-turbine facility. It was completed in September.

Xcel Wind Capacity in Colorado

“We have added more than 1,500 megawatts of wind capacity in 2018 in Colorado. Moreover, wind has produced 31% of our energy in 2020. This is up from 24% wind energy in our Colorado energy mixture in 2018, Michelle Aguayo, said in an email. Aguayo is an Xcel spokeswoman.

Xcel Wind Generating Goals

To have 4,100 MW of wind generating capacity, Xcel says that they expect. It would be in Colorado by the end of this year. Now, it has 10,000 MW of wind generating capacity online in its service territories, says Xcel overall.

The company says it has set a record for hourly generation with wind supplying 70% of the system’s electricity in September.

Companywide Carbon Emissions

Xcel said since 2005 it has cut its companywide carbon emissions by 51%. Though Colorado emissions is down 46%. This is the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road, Aguayo said.

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