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The Centennial State Tries to Reconcile Post-Trump Divide

You are currently viewing The Centennial State Tries to Reconcile Post-Trump Divide
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In the Centennial state, where the state has faced major losses in the last few cycles, in addition to volatile election for the party chair in El Paso County — one of the GOP’s traditional strongholds — shows evidence of how deep some of the divides have become.

Moreover, the Republican Party is trying to find its footing a national aspect and in many areas of the county. This is in the shadow of former President Donald Trump.

The Centennial State: Republicans Behave and Others not so Much

“Yes, rightfully, the Republicans are very upset. Moreover, they are frustrated with the recent election. In fact, some of them are dealing with it very appropriately. Then, some of them are dealing with it inappropriately,” says Eli Bremmer, the former chair of the El Paso County Republican Party.

Colorado Springs is a Bastion of Conservative Politics

Therefore, home to Colorado Springs, the county, sits about an hour south of Denver. It has long been a mainstay of conservative politics. This has occurred even as the state has trended blue. Colorado Springs is home to the evangelical organization Focus on the Family, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and multiple bases.

It seems the latest controversy developed over the upcoming meeting as to select the next county chair. In fact, a tentative agenda listed a local militia group as providing security. There are some Republicans that feared it could intimidate attendees. In fact, Bremmer says he’s worried the meeting won’t be safe.

Radical Fringe Elements Versus Conservative Liberty-Minded Republicans

It’s clear there are some underlying tensions here between sort of the radical fringe elements and sort of the more mainstream, common-sense conservative liberty-minded Republicans, Bremmer said. Republicans be who they are, too! Democrats don’t hold the market on that choice or decision.

The present El Paso County Chair Vickie Tonkins is up for reelection at the meeting. Tonkins didn’t respond to a request for comment. Yet, her security arrangements were “tentative and subject to change.”

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