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Taylor Swift Concert to Bring Economic Growth to Colorado

You are currently viewing Taylor Swift Concert to Bring Economic Growth to Colorado
Taylor Swift's concerts are expected to have brought in $141 million to Colorado.
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For a few months now Taylor Swift has been touring the United States with the massively successful Eras Tour. The Eras Tour has finally set its sights on Colorado, with two shows this past weekend in Denver. Hosted in the Empower Field, also known as the home of the Denver Broncos, Taylor put on an incredible show both nights. With her shows, she brought great joy and fun to her Colorado Swifties, but also vast economic growth for the state as well.

The crowd that her concerts drew sparked such an influx in tourism to the state, that there is a significant increase expected in Colorado’s economy.

The final numbers that the weekend brought into the state are still not confirmed, but it is estimated that it could be as low as $140 million up to $200 million. According to the executive director of the Common Sense Institute, Kelly Caufield, these numbers have been quite commonplace for the cities in which Swift has taken the Eras Tour thus far. Caufield says that the draw for Swift’s shows has caused a strong impact on local businesses and communities.

From the ticket sales for the two shows, there is an estimated $38 million coming in. At the concert venue, in merchandise, food, and drink sales, another $11.4 million is expected. Outside of the venue, for hotels, travel, and various other sales, there is an estimated $121 million expected to come into the state.

A survey was sent to guests coming in for the concert, and the average expectation of what will be spent for each individual is $1,327.

The capacity for the Empower Field Stadium is 76,125. Between the two nights, if each attendant spent that average expected $1,327, there would be $201.7 million spent in just the one weekend.

Swift’s impact on cities where she tours has been so significant and noticeable to the city, that places in which she has not toured, nor has any dates scheduled for, have reportedly been inviting her to perform in their city. Companies are starting to incorporate the singer into their marketing as well. Frontier Airlines is hosting a sweepstakes in which they will give away tickets to one of her shows in Los Angeles. Furthermore, they are offering a discount of up to 89% for some lucky guests, inspired by Taylor’s birth year 1989, which also inspired the name for her fifth album.

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