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SWAT Situation Ongoing in Colorado Springs: Person Believed to be Barricaded at Home

You are currently viewing SWAT Situation Ongoing in Colorado Springs: Person Believed to be Barricaded at Home
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A law enforcement investigation has turned into an hours-long situation as police try to clear a house in north-central Colorado Springs.


Springs police say they were called to a home on the 4100 block of Edwinstowe Avenue after the suspect became aggressive with the parole officers who had initially gone to the scene.


“They were in this area regarding an investigation, were confronted by a male with a handgun, they identified themselves as law enforcement officers. The male continued to be aggressive and was ultimately tased during that confrontation,” said CSPD Lt. Hugh Velasquez.


Velasquez said that man and a companion then ran back into a house.


Springs police, SWAT and other law enforcement were called to assist just after 6 a.m.


Since then, several people have exited the house, which has been surrounded by law enforcement since 6:10 a.m. But Velasquez said authorities still suspect there are more inside.


“We are still in the belief that there is one more person inside … we are actively working an arrest warrant and search warrant at that location.”

Velasquez said authorities are acting under the belief there are weapons inside the home.


People are advised to stay in their homes who are living in the area while police activity is ongoing, or, if residents are not in the area, to stay away until it’s over.


No injuries to law enforcement have been reported.


Edwinstowe is located near Garden of the Gods Road and Chestnut Street. District 11 says nearby Jackson Elementary is on lockdown as a precaution. Arriving students will be allowed inside the building.

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