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Summer Must-Do’s in Colorado Springs

You are currently viewing Summer Must-Do’s in Colorado Springs
Even if you do not want to hike it, seeing Pikes Peak is a must-do activity!
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If you have plans to visit Colorado Springs this summer or live in the city and are looking for fun summer activities, we have great options for you! Our summer list of must-do’s compiles the best places in and around Colorado Springs to visit and have a fulfilling trip for the summer!

Hike up Pikes Peak

If you are a hiker visiting, this is one of the best hikes in Colorado! Pikes peak is just around 12 miles from the main hub of the city and averages between a half day and full day of hiking, depending on your skillset and speed. The peak peaks at around 14,000 feet and is actually the birthplace of the song “America the Beautiful,” as it was atop this peak that Katharine Lee bates wrote the lyrics.

Visit Manitou Springs

While it is highly debated as to whether or not Manitou Springs should be considered a part of Colorado Springs, the area is not far from the city at all, only being about five miles from the center of Colorado Springs. Nevertheless, Manitou Springs is a great area with some of Colorado Springs’ best dining and shopping opportunities. From art galleries to funky boutiques, you will find it all here!

Walk Around the United States Air Force Academy

If you are someone who is fascinated by U.S. history or the military, this is a great place for you to visit! While there is much of the academy that you cannot see as a visitor, you are able to visit parts of the grounds and the very large visitor center. The visitor center acts as a mini museum dedicated to the U.S. Air Force, showing uniforms, what life as a cadet looks like and even shows a replica dorm room! There is also a planetarium that is available Fridays through Mondays.

Learn About the U.S. in the Olympics at the U.S. Olympic Museum

Located in the actual city of Colorado Springs is the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum. The museum, which opened in 2020, shows the history of the United States participation in the Olympic and Paralympic competitions. The museum includes interactive exhibits where you can feel like you are an athlete competing in the games.

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