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Skoolie Drivers: Hard Life in Lockdown

You are currently viewing Skoolie Drivers: Hard Life in Lockdown
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Skoolie drivers are an increasingly popular trend. The crashed housing market, as well as the lack of well-paying jobs, left many wondering where their future will be when they left college. The idea of simply traveling around from state to state or even country to country was more appealing than spending the remainder of their lives stuck paying off a house. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 issues, many are finding their lives impacted by the virus.

Lack of Space for Extra Skoolie Supplies

The Skoolie is a van built to typically accommodate 1-2 people. This doesn’t necessarily leave room for more than the basic supplies. This method lof living only allows for essential living. Essential amounts of food, water, and resources have been the ideal choice for many. This leaves only the required amount of space to live. With so many stores running out of daily essentials, many are finding it hard to push through while out on the road.

Showering and Hygiene

For most nomads, taking showers means making a stop at a rest area, campsite or gym. Unfortunately due to many of these places locking down, not as many options are available. Where these places were once the pivotal point for many to maintain basic hygiene, they are now forced to look elsewhere.

On top of showering, brushing teeth and washing plates and dishes is also another issue that many have had trouble locating.

Being Hunkered Down in the Skoolie

One of the main reasons why many opt for this lifestyle is the ability to travel and see the world. Well, unfortunately, in the time of COVID-19, this has put a stop to many travel plans. Self-isolating inside a school bus can present challenges. The first is that its a small, albeit a livable space. Being cooped up inside for long periods at a time can put the mental fatigue on many. It can make anyone feel a little “stir-crazy” and start to feel like they need to get the heck out of dodge.

Contracting COVID-19

One of the biggest problems is while constantly on the move, is getting sick. Without having a stationary place, many ventures have to go out and resupply. This goes back to the first problem, not having enough space to stay stocked. Thus making continuous trips to the stores can work against travelers and increase the chances of getting sick.

Best Steps To Avoid COVID-19

Knowing if you have it can help you out big time. For a lot of travelers, they have a network of places to stay. Be it, family or friends, communities have been able to come together in order to make sure everyone is safe and sound. Being tested is the first step to being able to stay with friends and family without worry.

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