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Shipping a Non-Operable Vehicle

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Even huge equipment like this digger can be shipped by us.
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When it comes to auto transport, non-running cars present a unique challenge. Usually, car transport is a relatively simple process. We simply drive your vehicle onto one of our world-class car carriers, strap it down, and drive off! However, if your vehicle is non-operable, that may not be an option. Of course, we have procedures for this kind of situation as well. Here’s how we manage to ship your vehicle, no matter the condition it’s in.

How “non-operable” is your vehicle?

The degree of operability of your vehicle affects how we do what we do. For example, some cars may not be legal to drive on the road, but they can still drive. Maybe their breaks don’t work. Or maybe it’s a car that is simply too fast for US roads, making it illegal to drive around. Some cars, therefore, are “non-operable” but don’t carry with them any special procedures.

That doesn’t always apply, of course. Some vehicles won’t start, or won’t run once they do. This could be due to bad internal mechanisms, a dead engine, or any number of other reasons. For these cars, however, we have a way to make it happen.

What kind of vehicle is it?

Different types of vehicles come with their own challenges for auto transporters. Is your non-operable vehicle a standard four-door that can’t run? Or is it a massive piece of construction equipment? For these and everything in between, we have a way to ship them. For smaller vehicles, we can load them onto one of our carriers using a forklift. We can also use a winch system if the wheels still turn. Larger vehicles may require a crane to lift them onto and off of our trailer, but we have that too. We have the means to load and unload anything safely and quickly.

What we do to ship it

The great thing about choosing our transport service is that we have options available to you. Even if your vehicle isn’t running, you can choose between our excellent open and enclosed car transport. We usually recommend open transport for these shipments because it’s easier for loading and unloading and it saves you money. However, if your inoperable vehicle is a fancy sports car or a collector’s item, enclosed transport is still available to you.

Though non-operable vehicles can be a challenge for car shippers, trust that Colorado Springs Car Transport has all the tools necessary to make the shipment happen. We have shipped vehicles in all kinds of conditions for over a decade now, so you know we have the experience to do the job right.

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