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Save Money on Your Car Shipment With These Tips

You are currently viewing Save Money on Your Car Shipment With These Tips
Open carriers are the cheapest way to get great service.
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It’s an expensive world out there. With record inflation, rising costs of living, and talk of a looming recession, everyone’s looking for ways to save these days. Shipping your car across the country saves you money in the long run on maintenance and fuel, but it can be expensive. However, there are ways to reduce your car shipping bill. Follow these tips to save money on your car shipment.

Be Flexible When You Schedule Your Shipment

Scheduling a car shipment takes time, as we have to coordinate with both our drivers and our customers. For some shipments, that may mean lining up ten different people’s schedules, which is quite challenging. Some of our customers are under very specific time constraints, which makes getting them on a carrier much harder. However, if you let your shipment have a window of a few days when it can happen, it’ll make our lives much easier. And we’ll make sure to reward you with a cheaper service!

Empty Your Car Before Your Shipment to Save Money

Some car shippers allow people to keep things in their cars as they travel across the country. While it can be convenient for you to leave some things in your car, it can also increase your costs. Car haulers are under strict weight regulations, and if they go over those regulations, it will make your shipment much more costly. Even if they don’t, though, a heavier hauler consumes more fuel, which you know is quite expensive these days. Emptying your car out completely is an easy way to save money on your shipment.

Save Money with Open Car Transport

The service that you choose to use for your car also affects your bottom line. And there’s no service that gives you a great experience and an even better rate than open car transport. Open transport is less expensive than other kinds of car shipping because it allows your shipper to haul more cars all at once. It also cuts down on scheduling, loading, and unloading times, which allows carriers like us to be much more efficient in our work. If you want to ship your car on a budget, ship it on one of our open carriers!

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