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Retro Cars For Period Films

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Have you thought about what films have to do to acquire retro roadsters? Like the 1956 Ford Thunderbird in American Graffiti? Or the 1966 Ford Thunderbird in Thelma & Louise? Or even the 2004 Ford Focus C-Max… in the 2004 blockbuster Thunderbirds?

Well, there are a variety of ways. Here are some of the easiest for production crews to attain classic cars for historic movies.

Retro Car-Collectors

Firstly, there are companies that care to connect production studios to garages. Therefore, this allows TV series and films the means necessary to access those era-accurate models. Sometimes, the collectors are drawn from the Rolodex to cruise their beauts into the sunsets. Laurel’s Motion Picture Car Locators, for instances, acts as an auto agent. Linking productions with models that can rev, tread and maybe even explode in style.

Internal Retro Car Departments

Secondly, a couple studios have a dedicated group of representatives who are able to acquire certain cars for usage by way of classic car clubs and associations. Because this is a useful resource to find vehicles, specific cars are found to be front-and-center for the story. Often times, driven by main characters. “Casting calls” are also available for those looking to make their retro ride a rockstar.

Companies Like Cinema Vehicles

Thirdly, a large stock of cars from virtually every decades can lease from companies that specialize in this field. Cinema Vehicles is arguably the biggest cinema vehicle services company in America. For the past 40 years, they’ve supplied customized vehicles, automobiles re-fabricated and some of the most comprehensive builds that the average moviegoer has ever seen.

Finally, keep in mind one thing, future filmmakers. If you’re looking for a 1930s mobster or a 1960s surf van, then rest assured someone’s got your vehicle.

To see a catalog of your favorite cars in your somewhat enjoyed films, check out the Internet Movie Car Database.

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