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Burglar Caught With a Red Nose!

You are currently viewing Burglar Caught With a Red Nose!
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FORT COLLINS, COLORADO – Even thieves get in the holiday spirit! As of Friday of last week, the police caught a woman disguised as everyone’s favorite misfit reindeer on film, burglarizing a business.

Santa’s guide on Christmas night, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, has always shined. This red nose burglar was a disguise for a crafty woman this holiday season. This woman stole from a business in Fort Collins on Friday Night. This may have been the only time the thief was caught on camera, but it was not her first heist. This has been a recurring spot of theft for the woman– possibly others.

Red Nose Burglar Trying to Steal Indiscriminately

Fort Collins Police department established the obscenity of such a gesture and posted the video online. It’s quite a way to celebrate the holidays! The woman can be seen in the business, wearing a large round and furry Rudolph mask, and shoving items into a plastic bag. Interestingly, Rudolph won’t be the only outcast this Christmas.

Unfortunately for the festive felon, she took off the mask before she was out of sight of the cameras. Therefore, the police have a description of her face as well as images, although the images aren’t great. FCPD will release her image to the public so people can help them with their case.

The police are now asking for any information about her whereabouts, as well as any identification in general. Of course, by now the thief could be anywhere, even right here in Colorado Springs. So, make sure you keep an eye out for this Christmas criminal when you’re out and about for the holidays!

To have a little more fun with the search, officers created their own Christmas time jingle about the scandal. You can find it on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook.

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