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Disclosing personal information on company websites shouldn’t have to be a cause of concern. We do our best to keep our customers satisfied with every aspect of our service at Colorado Springs Car Transport. This includes privacy and website safety! Our website security and privacy policy should ensure that you will be worry-free. Read through our privacy policy below for more information!

Information We Collect

We will need certain information from you in order to provide a quote. This is necessary for us to provide our services. We collect the information through a secured network and software system linked to the safest processing system,

We will need the following information to give you an accurate quote:

  • Zip codes/locations of pickup and delivery
  • The year, make, model, and condition of vehicle being shipped
  • Customer’s name and contact information

Colorado Springs Car Transport guarantees the safety of your information. Once you provide this information, it will be sent from the website to Colorado Springs Car Transport’s supervisor. However, the information is not kept after it is used to estimate a quote. None of this information will be shared or sold to any third parties.

Financial Information

No financial information is ever collected or processed through We will never ask for any payment information through the website (i.e. credit card numbers, banking information).

Content and Website Security

We do our best to secure our website to prevent any dangerous activities that could be a risk to the website’s safety. The website’s safety is our top priority. Therefore, the website security for Colorado Springs Car Transport is always current.

The above privacy policy guidelines apply to the website only. The policy applies only to the data collected through the website, unless otherwise stated. These policies, and other website content, may be changed at any time. By using our website, you consent to our website’s privacy policy. Please contact us for any questions or more information!