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Planned Parenthood Shooter: No Trial Yet

You are currently viewing Planned Parenthood Shooter: No Trial Yet
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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Almost 4 years after Robert Dear allegedly perpetrated the planned parenthood shooting, he is still found to be mentally unable to stand a proper trial.

On November 27th in 2015, a mass shooting took place at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Three people died and nine others were injured. Right after the attack, the gunman surrendered to the authorities and was taken into custody.

The shooter was soon identified as Robert Dear, a 57-year-old man originally from North Carolina.  Only three days later he was charged with first-degree murder. However, in May 2016 and after several psychological evaluations, Dear was declared incompetent to stand trial.

Ever since he has had hearings every 90 days. Since his mental competency is still not ideal, a potential trial keeps getting postponed. His last hearing has taken place this Monday morning and it resulted in the same outcome.

However, the judge has changed the date of the next review hearing to 60 days. Due to a new law change, Dear’s case will be revised on the morning of January 9th.

This morning, Dear was not present at the courtroom. Nonetheless, ever since his arrest, he has never denied his actions. In fact, he has very proudly claimed responsibility for the mass shooting.

“I’m guilty! There’s no trial! I’m a warrior for the babies!” he screamed while at court during his first hearing back in 2015.  That was just one of the many outbursts he had during the trial process.

Currently, his situation in the system keeps him in a legal limbo until his mental capacities are proven valid to stand a trial. Dear has spent the last four years at Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo. He has refused to take any of his medications due to the belief that there is a conspiracy against him.

Apparently, Dear has had such a delusion for more than 20 years. His former wife also mentioned his violent nature to authorities after his arrest.

The Pueblo County Attorney’s Office approved forced medication of the patient against his will.  Nonetheless, Dear seems to still be severely affected by his delusional disorder, which needs to be under control before proceeding to trial.

As of now, Colorado law allows Dear to be held indefinitely while he undergoes treatment.

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