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Peterson Air Force Base will Remain in a Specific City or Move

You are currently viewing Peterson Air Force Base will Remain in a Specific City or Move
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Peterson Air Force Base, which is located in Colorado Springs, is a finalist for the permanent home of Space Command.

The Base is an Important Hub and Leaders say it Should Stay in Colorado

Therefore, the central hub for all defense space systems across the county is the Command. Located in Colorado Springs at this present time. In fact, it should stay where it’s at, according to leaders at the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

Peterson Air Force Base is Making a Case for the Right Location

Therefore, head and shoulders above any other place in the country, Colorado Springs is absolutely the right location, said Reggie Ash. Moreover, Ash is the Chief Defense Development Office at EDC.

Moreover, the epicenter of space technology, Ash and his team at EDC has said that Colorado Springs is the top option. However, it is home to five active-duty military bases. Therefore, it has more than 100 cybersecurity companies.

Prominent Culture for Space Force in Colorado Springs

Therefore, for our soldiers and members of the Space Force, it’s in our culture here to support them, said Ash. In fact, it’s in our DNA to welcome them here.

The city also so much to offer military families according to Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn (Republican-Colorado).

Peterson Air Force Base: Great Perks for the Military

However, it’s really important for the military – the quality of life, the outdoor opportunities, and the low cost of living, said Lamborn.

In fact, the overall mission is to protect and defend space assets. Then prepare for space as the next warfighting domain, according to Space Command.

Peterson Air Force Base is Eyeing Different Locations

Moreover, choosing a location that meets the mission goals is what the Air Force is doing. However, Colorado Springs and other cities will be decided by evaluators by early 2021. Therefore, the location has to meet a certain set of criteria according to Air Force Chief of Media Relations Ann Stefanek.

“Whether or not there’s a qualified workforce, or whether or not we have buildings, proper bandwidth that might be required for all of the space requirements,” Stefanek said.  “Our highest priority is looking at what is the best fit for the mission.”

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