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Peterson AFB Honoring Seniors

You are currently viewing Peterson AFB Honoring Seniors
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Peterson AFB gave something back to its seniors. COVID-19 has effected all graduating classes while it spreads through the country.

Graduates across the country have had to face the unfortunate circumstances of not having a ceremony. Peterson gave back and recognized those who have worked hard to achieve their status as new recruits.

Peterson AFB Holds Parade

The ceremony, as unorthodox as it is, held a parade for seniors. With each graduate standing in a line along the school’s sidewalk. Police, firefighters friends, and family were able to drive by and pay tribute to those who have achieved a higher level of education.

“It’s definitely nice living in a military town where we feel connected like a group,” Cheyenne Mountain High School Graduate Philip Chaote said.

“A few of us put our heads together of the FSS and you know people had been doing birthday parades and things like that. So we sort of took that idea and ran with it and improvised to make it work for us, to honor those grads,” said Force Support Officer Julie Campbell.

Graduation Cancelled Across Country

Graduation is a time for recognition. It takes hard work and dedication to accomplish the curriculum to achieve higher education. For many, their ceremonies face cancellation due to coronavirus.

For teachers and faculty, this has put extreme emphasis on how they treat those who have graduated. In other countries like China, they are using tablets with robots attached to them to receive the recognition they deserve.

Many have had their diplomas simply mailed to them with a “congratulations” written on it, others are seeing local support.

For next year’s seniors, the speculation of having a ceremony might be following the same path. Time will tell how the virus will affect the country as a whole, for seniors, they have seen support.

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