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Overnight Fire With 20+ Evacuated in Local State Hotel

You are currently viewing Overnight Fire With 20+ Evacuated in Local State Hotel
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 Overnight there was a fire where more than two dozen people fled at a local hotel in Southwest state and city hotel which was sparked on an upper floor. In fact, the firefighters did see flames shoot from the fourth story as they pulled up to the local Super 8 off of I-25 and Gardens of the Gods earlier this week. How frightening it must have been for the people! They must have been in fear of their lives and felt so vulnerable.

Overnight Fire and Second Alarm

“In fact, they did immediately call a second alarm. That is because these typically have a lot of people inside at that time of night,” said Capt. Mike Smaldino. The captain is with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Roughly 30 guests including children and infants had to evacuate their rooms. This happened as the smoke had quickly filled the building. Luckily, the few dogs had also made the overnight escape.

Overnight Fire was Put Out

“Moreover, when [firefighters] got inside, they were able to hit the fire a little from the outside. Then, they were able to get lines all the way up to the fourth floor. It was to get the fire out pretty quick,” Smaldino said. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of smoke in the building.”

Containing the Fire

Thankfully, the firefighters were, in fact, able to keep the fire contained to the fourth floor. However, they said the smoke will spread well beyond that.

“We have to work with management to make sure that these lower floors are still able to be occupied. That is with the number of people that we have displaced right now. Thus, the smoke that is in there. Moreover, we are getting all the smoke out now. Which we can do but again there are so many rooms it’s going to take quite a lot to do that,” Smaldino said.

Accidential Fire

In fact, the fire did start in one of the hotel rooms. However, it is unclear if anyone was staying in it. Investigators say the fire was accidental, started by an electrical overload.

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