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New Fire Station in Colorado Springs

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The Colorado Springs’ newest fire station opened in Northgate this Monday. The city officials hope that the Station 22 will help to protect the Pike Peaks region from fires, as it has suffered from them enough in the past, as well as will make the entire city safer. To build the station, Northgate Properties LLC donated $2,2 million.

A fire station is expected to be the cornerstone for the community and the officials say it will bring the spirit of the community to the town.

There are currently four firefighters working at the Station 22 and they will serve the area with nearly 10,000 residents. The city has grown a lot during recent years.

The new station will allow people in need get help as fast as possible – and much faster than the time it would take before.

The goal of the department is to arrive at the scene within eight minutes most of the time. The opening of the new station will help them achieve their goal.

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  1. Sara Tafuri

    It’s awesome that they have a new station opening up, especially with how fires have been increasing over the last year, but I sure hope they get more than 4 firefighter soon. That doesn’t seem like enough for that many people, but I imagine more will be hired and it’s cool that it also means people will get some jobs.

  2. Brad Stracener

    With the global warming trend portending more fires across the country, especially western states like Colorado, it is great to see such private interests as Northgate Properties pitch in to secure not only its vested interests but other landowners of the Pike Peaks region as well. Perhaps others from the private sector can also pitch in to add to the dedicated but spartan crew of four firefighters. Perhaps this type of assistance will assist Station 22 attain its goal of eight minutes for response time. Keep up the great work.

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