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New Detecting System will Help Colorado Springs Combat Violent Crimes

You are currently viewing New Detecting System will Help Colorado Springs Combat Violent Crimes
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – Colorado Springs Police reported that they are implementing a new system that uses the audio system to detect the gunshot and identify the precise information. The joint project is implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Department of Defense.

The new technology will use a network of sensors that identifies the gunshot once it fires and its exact location. One of the advantages of the technology is that it will shorten the time of response thus enabling the officers to act immediately. The sensors can be repositioned to match trends in reported gunfire and identify other moving objects.

Police Need the New System to Fight Rising Crime

The year has been reported to be the deadliest for the city. Hence, the involved parties settled down to combat violent crime using cutting-edge technologies. The police analyzed the gun crimes and the affected areas. The areas that registered the highest number of gunshots were Fountain Boulevard and Chelton Road.

Colorado Springs is the first municipality that will implement the technology. On 25 September, the police department will be conducting a test live-fire calibration of the system. Artificial bullets, and a bullet trap will be used during the test to ensure public safety.

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