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Multiple Families Displaced by a Townhome Fire

You are currently viewing Multiple Families Displaced by a Townhome Fire
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — Now that the shock is wearing off for dozens of people displaced by Monday’s three-alarm townhouse fire in Colorado Springs, many are beginning to redeem what they can and move on to the future.


The fire started Monday afternoon at the complex located near Jetwing and Hancock, on the south side of the city, damaging 20 units.


Three people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. Firefighters say careless smoking is to blame.


One mother, whose townhome the fire apparently started at, said she is still in complete shock.


“Survivors guilt; it started at mine apparently, even though I wasn’t home, but if I was, maybe I could have stopped it, maybe I could have done something to knock on doors and get other animals out,” said Brynn Stroope, whose townhome was lost in the fire.


Brynn tells her two dogs are now gone after they died from smoke inhalation in the basement. Brynn said telling her kids has been a very tough reality, but so far, not the hardest to deal with.


“Not going home, not having our beds, not having everything that we’ve built, and worked so hard to get,” said Stroope.


At last check, Brynn said her bunny didn’t make it either and two of her cats are still missing.


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