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Mudslides Threaten Locals as Interstate Closes Indefinitely

You are currently viewing Mudslides Threaten Locals as Interstate Closes  Indefinitely
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Mudslides have stranded over 100 motorists overnight. There is an indefinite shutdown on a major interstate in a Southwestern state this past Thursday. Moreover, the state itself is preparing to issue a state and federal disaster declaration.

Mudslides Impact Area

In fact, the crews are still cleaning up an area that is impacted by I-70 near Colorado Springs where the mudslides did occur. This is where there is currently no estimate as to when the section of the interstate is going to reopen.

“Moreover, the monsoon weather patterns do mean this threat is ongoing,” Colorado Governor Jared Polis did say during a press conference on Monday. “In fact, today’s hail and rain could possibly do additional slides and we are not out of the woods yet. This is regard to additional damage.”

Until the debris is clear, they will not know the extend of the damage. In fact, there are some areas that were under 10 feet or more of mud. Moreover, because of the extent of the damage, the state is going to be trying to get aid at a federal level.

“Moreover, we are also readying a state disaster declaration. There is a request for a federal declaration with the Biden administration,” Polis announced on Monday in an update on the damage. The damage in a local area is really majestic. However, the majestic nature does create challenges when it comes to infrastructure. This is especially true in the face of catastrophic climate change. Thus affecting states across the West. Moreover, we have extensive damage to I-70 in multiple locations, and the monsoon weather pattern means this threat will continue on.”

On Thursday night, the mudslide took place at night amid hard-hitting rainfall and thunderstorms. Then a flash flood warning had previously been issued for the area. That was earlier in the evening. It closed the interstate. Moreover, it did reopen when the warning expired at 6 p.m., which was local time. It was according to an operational report from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

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