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Mazda CX-50 Hybrid Using Toyota-Based Powertrain

You are currently viewing Mazda CX-50 Hybrid Using Toyota-Based Powertrain
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The crossover isn’t exactly sharing any other parts with the Corolla Cross besides the fact that the upcoming hybrid is going to utilize Toyota components. Furthermore, it’s going to offer a hybrid model. Mazda is confirming that the hybrid powertrain is going to source in from Toyota.

The Mazda CX-50 is looking to be built where the Toyota Corolla Cross was originally originating.

Additionally, the Mazda will have a gas-electric combination that will really wow the crowd.

There are currently no other details on the CX-50 just yet but so far it’s looking to be Mazda’s premier hybrid model since the Tribute. Which in itself is a twin to the Ford Escape. The CX-50 is also tied to Toyota and will likely share the spots where both the vehicles are being built. The CX-50 actually uses a Mazda platform and Skyactiv gasoline engines.

To be fair, these two companies don’t quite share exactly anything else.

The Corolla Cross competes versus subcompact SUVs while the CX-50 is versing compact cars.

Certainly, the likelihood is that the CX-50 hybrid is going to appear as similar as the Toyota RAV4 hybrid. In which there is a 2.5-liter inline-four engine. Chances are, we may see something more than just the Mazda for the Toyota model as well. But the powertrain isn’t really going to be a strong contender.

Basically, the company is going to let loose details months after the nonhybrid models go. Finally, consider how likely is the reality that Mazda is a company with plenty of torque going for it’s model.

The CX-50 is essentially a hybrid you don’t want to sleep on. You want to dream with this Mazda because much like a Toyota car, it’s going places. Unlike a Toyota car, it’s going places with you. Mazda: Let’s go to some new places together.

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