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Large Vehicle Shipping: Its Challenges and Solutions

You are currently viewing Large Vehicle Shipping: Its Challenges and Solutions
No vehicle is too large for our carriers!
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Shipping a large vehicle can pose problems for car transport companies. Vehicles like vans and trucks can take up a ton of space on car carriers, making them more costly for shippers. Sometimes, they may not even fit on the carriers at all!

Not all car haulers can ship large vehicles. That’s because not all car haulers are as good as Colorado Springs Car Transport! We’ve been through this process many times and have developed the necessary skills and connections to ship any large vehicle with ease. Here’s how Colorado Springs Car Transport ships larger vehicles.

Vans Usually Fit Onto Carriers with the Right Procedures.

A common order that we get is for van shipping. Whether people want to ship SUVs or cargo vans, these vehicles take up more space on carriers. This is usually because of their height, which can exceed 8 feet. This isn’t a problem for us, however, as our drivers know the exact height limit that they can fit on their carrier. If your van is simply too tall to fit on one of our open carriers, then we’ll need to ship it in an enclosed trailer. While more expensive, these trailers will ensure the complete safety and security of your van while it’s out on the road.

Truck Shipping May Require Specialized Equipment.

No matter what kind of truck you have, our truck transport service can manage it. Sometimes it requires us to break out some more specialized equipment that other shipping companies don’t have. Often, trucks are too large to haul, even in our enclosed trailers. In these cases, we’ll need to get a flatbed trailer to ship your truck. We may even need a trailer with lower clearance, such as a lowboy, to haul huge trucks like food trucks. Thanks to Colorado Springs Car Transport’s many industry connections, we won’t have any trouble finding the right trailer for your truck.

Shipping an Extremely Large Vehicle May Require Permits, Too.

Eventually, some vehicles become too large for us to haul legally without special permission. Fear not, heavy hauling is also something we have experience with! Heavy hauling refers to hauling any load that exceeds any legal dimension. Whether the vehicle is overweight or oversize, we can easily get the right permits for the job. And we’ll partner up with a driver who has the experience necessary to get the job done right. Heavy hauling requires a different skillset from normal car hauling. So, don’t trust your huge vehicle to any old car mover; give it over to the professionals!

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