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Lamborghini Shows off the Brand New Urus For Exclusive Buyers

You are currently viewing Lamborghini Shows off the Brand New Urus For Exclusive Buyers
Lamborghini Urus is the best model and even moreso now with the Essenza SCV12.
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Lamborghini couldn’t be more proud of their Urus Essenza SCV12. It’s specifically one of the most amazingly performing SUVs that they have produced. Sadly, you may be remiss to find out that this particular trim has already sold out in a choice number of units. Only 40 units in specific. Plus, there are new versions of the special edition that is really specific to the Urus Performante with the ability to perform hardcore with the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine within the Performante car. All while carrying over to the Essenza variant that manages to pump out a rate of 657 horsepower. It’s an incredible amount of power, though it pales in comparison to the track car’s very own naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine that can create 819 horsepower.

In Lamborghini’s own beliefs, the project had been overseen by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam department, while allowing Essenza SCV12 individuals that would customize the spec for the Urus. The manufacturer could not hold back on the carbon-fiber elements. The Urus is jam-packed with a carbon-fiber hood, mirrors, roof and a carbon-fiber frame.

Lamborghini is a revolutionary car brand and absolutely the future of the amazing world of sports cars.

Lamborghini has been working steadily with every customer on the livery of the Urus. The manufacturer isn’t holding back on the carbon-fiber elements. An amazing thing about the SCV12 is equipped with gloss-black wheels, the size of 23-inches. There’s all new colors and wheels that one can choose from when it comes to the Lamborghini. The interior, when set apart from the production version, utilizes two different plaques in the Urus SCV12 which is helpful and integral for the Lamborghini’s 60th birthday with the owner’s name.

Such plaques along with the logo of the Essenza SCV12 has been stamped upon the dash with a manner to remind the passengers and driver how superior it is comparatively to other Lamborghini Urus’s.

Likely this Urus exclusive edition will be a sign of times to come when it comes to extraordinary results. Having cars that are in limited supply make the model in particular a popular and hit item.

One can only hope that McLaren and Ferrari will follow suit and make one of their own models an exclusive unit that can be so widely sold to a limited amount of customers. It’s necessary to keep the hype up for the brands by having limited releases of these makes and models.

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