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Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021 is Being Recalled for Headlight Problem

You are currently viewing Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021 is Being Recalled for Headlight Problem
Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021 is Recalled for Headlight Issue
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Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021 hasn’t had the best connection with its software. In September, it was voluntary for an issue with the radio and reversing camera. Then, in October, was a snafu activating the high beams on vehicles that were not equipping with automatic high beams. Then, there was another voluntary recall is about to get underway for another coding issue.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Errant Software

In fact, the Grand Cherokee’s L’s smart lighting module could have possibly received an incomplete software update on the production line. This is from December 3, 2020, to July 21, 2021. Therefore, the errant software could, in fact, cause one or both headlights to stop working. Thus, the Jeep is putting the number of the potentially affected at 36,929 in the U.S. There will be another 1,300 possibly affecting units in Canada.

In November, Fiat Chyrsler’s Technical Safety and Regulatory Compliance department then discovered the problem. It took the decision to recall the Grand Cherokee L at the beginning of December. Around January 28, 2022, the automaker did begin to notify owners. The owners can then take, after that, their Jeeps to their dealers to get the complete software package that will be installing. Also, until then, anyone with a 2021 Grand Cherokee L can then contact FCA customer service at (800) 853-1403 and the reference recall number is Y72.

Also, the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4×3 is likewise also enduring a glitch. Moreover, the plug-in-hybrid off-roader is being recalled for an issue with its digital instrument cluster. There is a bad software update that was uploading onto a number of vehicles. They were built from September 8, 2020, to September 13, 2021. It was either during production or at dealerships. Also, Jeep does believe 2,903 units are affecting. Then, the software can cause the odometer display to disappear. This is after the Wrangler 4xe has, in fact, traveled 13,342 miles (21,437 kilometers). Also, this does not create problems where there is an understanding of where the Wrangler is in its life cycle and what it might need. However, they are convincing future secondhand buyers as to how many miles the rig does have on it.

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