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How to have the best Thanksgiving of your life if you happen to be in Colorado Springs?

You are currently viewing How to have the best Thanksgiving of your life if you happen to be in Colorado Springs?
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Thanksgiving is upon us.  We are all excited to start next week holiday’s preparation.


Do you have your perfect turkey recipe, or did you start looking for it yet? Thanksgiving will not be complete without a deep brown flavorful turkey in the middle of your table.


We will offer you some great tips for the best turkey to amaze your guests. You simply cannot go wrong with the Colorado Barbeque Outfitters co-owner Dan MacDonald recipe.


MacDonald knows exactly how to smoke a turkey in holiday barbeque classes.

Yes, get ready to make some notes on the best turkey preparation. There is no use in trying too hard when you don’t get fresh ingredients for pretty much any dish you are about to make.


The tastiest turkey starts right here. Here are dos and don’ts   for your main dish:


  • Don’t ever get an enhanced or self-basted turkey. They are pumped with salt.
  • Give enough time to your turkey to stay in the original packaging. Don’t thaw in water either.
  • Smoke the turkey in a covered grill at 325 degrees, while using indirect heat.
  • The temperature for the turkey is the key. Use a meat thermometer to check it out.

Cookbook author and founder of Barbeque University (yes, there is such a thing)  have been using just about every technique contrived by human ingenuity over the last 30 years plus.


He is absolutely convinced smoking is the best way to cook a turkey.  Besides, now you can have your oven free for other dishes and desserts. The oven, kitchen holiday real estate, even more, valuable these days.


Once you enjoyed your dinner it’s time to get active. Colorado Springs has the world’s most awesome suspension bridge ready to welcome you for your Thanksgiving adventure.


Get your legs stretched on the bridge, or take a gondola across the river. You will definitely have thrilling rides here.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


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