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How Many Shipping Quotes Should You Get?

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Shipping your car can be nerve-wracking. Your car may be your most expensive and prized possession and trusting a stranger to ship it clear across the country could induce anxiety and concern. The biggest problem is that it’s not exactly cheap to ship your car, and when you find a deal, you want to act fast. After all, shipping prices are never consistent. The price to ship a car really does change with the season, and with rising gas prices, you may want to jump sooner before the company raises their gas rate even higher. That being said, you want to make sure you’re shipping with a reputable company that will make sure your car is safe. However, how many shipping quotes should you get?

If you get too few, you may be missing out on a deal. If you get too many, you may be too late to act on a deal you already found. How can you possibly balance the two to get the perfect number of shipping quotes?

Before you get Shipping Quotes, check reviews

This is imperative because you can save a lot of time by avoiding some companies all together. You can check website reviews, safety reports through the Department of Transportation, and the Better Business Bureau. The more research you do before you need the quote, the better. This will limit the number of quotes you eventually need to get, and you can narrow it down to a handful of companies you want to reach out to. Try to narrow it down to at least four and no more than six. This way, you’re not overwhelmed with options. Getting around five quotes can give you a fantastic idea of rates across the industry.

Compare Rates

So you’ve got the companies you like. It is important to get your quote no more than two weeks ahead of your shipping date. This way, you can have the most accurate quote. If a heavy snowstorm barrages the landscape, or gas prices soar up overnight again, you can be sure there aren’t going to be any additional fees. Reach out to your selected companies and get some quotes. Make sure you’re getting a quote for your specific car and the distance traveled. The prices may vary, but the important stuff is at the bottom.

Check Shipping Quotes for Insurance

You may have found a great price that none of the other shipping companies can compete with. This is actually a red flag. Why are they so cheap? Many shipping quotes may leave out insurance to make their quotes look cheaper. They may even make insurance optional, which is not good. Unlike renting a car, where your current insurance may cover your rental, your current insurance most likely will not cover car shipping. This means if anything happens to your car while on transport, you’ll have to cover everything out of pocket. Check the providers and make sure they offer enough insurance to cover your vehicle.

Are the companies Licensed?

You may think that if they have a truck, they must have a license. They may all have a driver’s license, but they will need additional licenses to ship across state lines or federal borders. If your car is going to Alaska, you’re going to need to go through the Canadian border. If they don’t have a license to cross, your car may end up impounded. You can ask the company for their Department of Transportation (DOT) number or their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) number. Armed with this information, you can check the respective government websites to make sure they can ship your car where you need it to go.

Choose your Service

Now that you have some car shipping quotes from reputable companies that offer insurance, you’re going to want to make sure they can do the job you want. If you have a classic car or exotic car, you may want to opt for enclosed transport to offer better protection to your car while in transit. Additionally, you may want to make sure your car is picked up and dropped off at your exact location. This means you’re going to want to choose door-to-door shipping. Be sure to make sure the company offers you the exact services you want so you can price them accordingly.

Get a shipping Quote from the Best

A good place to start is Colorado Springs Car Transport. They are a reputable company that offers door-to-door shipping and includes insurance right there in the quote. Call them today for an instant quote and see how much they can save you on your next shipment.

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