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How Do We Ship Luxury Vehicles?

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Leave luxury vehicle transport to the professionals.
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At Colorado Springs Car Transport, we take great care of every vehicle our customers trust us with. However, sometimes people ask us to ship luxury vehicles. For these vehicles, our team will make sure to take extra care. After all, many of them are irreplaceable, or at least very expensive to repair or replace. Here’s how our car shipping team takes care of exotic cars:

For Luxury Vehicles, We Always Ship Enclosed

The most obvious way we can ensure the protection of a luxury vehicle is by shipping it in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed shipping protects your fancy car from the elements during shipping, ensuring its paint job remains spotless. It isn’t just about the paint job, though. Any damage to the exterior of a luxury car can be a huge pain to fix. After all, these cars are much less common than your standard four-door sedans. It might not just be hard to fix up this kind of car; it might be downright impossible. Therefore, we always recommend enclosed shipping for exotic cars. That way, we can guarantee the safety of your car from end to end.

We Take Care During Loading, Transport, and Unloading

Of course, we always make sure all vehicles on our trailers are safe, secured, and loaded properly. However, with luxury cars in our possession, we’ll be even more careful than usual. Many luxury cars have strange dimensions (like the low clearance of a Lamborghini) that necessitate greater care, especially during the loading process. For these orders, we make sure to only trust drivers who have experience working with these kinds of cars. After they’re loaded properly, we instruct our drivers to drive carefully out on the road.

It takes a lot of care to properly ship a luxury vehicle because they simply aren’t like other vehicles. So, don’t just hand them over to anyone. Let the pros at Colorado Springs Car Transport handle it!

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