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High Rise Creates Space for Businesses, says Developer of Proposal

You are currently viewing High Rise Creates Space for Businesses, says Developer of Proposal
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High-rise buildings to be built are being considered for the first time in two decades in a Western state.

Two structures are asking to be built by the O’Neil Group. It is founding by Kevin O’Neil. He grew up in the Western state. One structure is a 25-story residential building. The other is a 10 to the 12-story office building. The buildings, according to this plan, would be connecting by a four-story parking garage. It would have an amenity deck. That would include dog runs, pools, and other attractions.

High Rise – Contribution to the Community

“In fact, we have got to continue to work on our downtown,” said O’Neil. “ Moreover, Downtown needs to be building up and we feel it is our contribution to the community. Also, we see this as a pertinent growth plate that is actually seeing other buildings spurring forward, other activities, other things supporting.”

Behind this project are around 30 other investors O’Neil has said.

Tallest Building in Colorado Springs

The residential building would, in fact, become the tallest building in Colorado Springs if the plans are approving. Moreover, It could be the city’s sixth tallest commercial building.

The Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority last week is taking the very first step on the project. It has instructed its staff to research the feasibility of the present plans. The CSURA’s main function, per the website, is to “facilitate the development of balancing, sustainable environments where people live, work, and come together as a community.” The executive director, the group is heading up by, is governing by a board of 13 members.

In fact, nine board members support the project, one is opposing, and another, Tom Strand said. He serves as president for Colorado Springs City Council, abstained.

Skyscraper Building

“I was happy about it.” Strand said. “You know, I don’t want us to be like Denver. I don’t want us to have huge skyscraper buildings everywhere.”

The residential floors are shorter than the commercial ones. Moreover, the proposing residential building is going to be only 10 to 20 feet taller than the city’s present tall building downtown. In fact, this is what Wells Fargo Tower, O’Neil said.

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