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Haul Does It All! On-Demand Platform Connects Fleets For Drivers

You are currently viewing Haul Does It All! On-Demand Platform Connects Fleets For Drivers
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Haul is an on-demand platform for commercial driver’s license holders (CDL) which connects fleets with other drivers on temporary bases for CDL holders, minus the truck.

The founders noticed that the industry was too driven on developing tech that would help the corporation but would not help the driver.

It has closed a $3 million seed round of funding led by RPM Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm. Additional investments came from current investors GFC and Hack VC, as well as new institutional investors Pipeline VenturesNext Coast VenturesSignal Peak VenturesHeroic VenturesService Provider Capital and Vectura Ventures.

“Haul brings a unique solution to a long-standing problem in the trucking industry — matching drivers with assignments,” said Marc Weiser, managing director of RPM Ventures. “Haul’s business model is attractive because it leverages technology to rethink the employment model and solve pain points for both drivers and fleets.”

Haul knows what they’re doing

As interesting as the mix of investors is, the diversity among the angel investors is also unique. Tim Barton, Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44; Robert Nathan, founder of LoadDelivered and Logistical Labs; John Larkin, longtime industry veteran, with prior experience at Stifel Financial Corp. and now operating partner at Clarendon Group; and Leo Jolicoeur, COO of DriveWyze, all bring significant transportation-related experience. Chris Thomas, the co-founder of Assembly Ventures, the Detroit Mobility Lab and Fontinalis Partners who has also invested in transportation businesses, and Matt Pierce, co-founder of a digital employment platform for nurses, Trusted Health, round out the angels.

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