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Entire Staff at a High School Must Reapply for Their Jobs

You are currently viewing Entire Staff at a High School Must Reapply for Their Jobs
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The entire staff from the custodians to teachers, paraeducators to administers has to reapply for jobs at a high school. Unfortunately, this school was placed on a state accountability clock four years ago. The clock symbolizes the countdown to improve. Thus face intervention by the state Department of Education. Needless to say, the deadline is to get scores up is five years. Though the staff thought they still had time to tweak things.

Entire Staff: Colorado Springs District 11 Mitchell High School

Next year will mean big changes for Colorado Springs District 11’s Mitchell High School. “It was all of a sudden, that’s what we just heard. ‘We’re terminating everybody’s position. Though, if you want to reapply for it, you therefore can.’ But that was all it was,'” said an employee at Mitchell who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

Making the Important Change Before the Deadline

The school needs to make the change moreover before the pending deadline. This is according to Dan Hoff, the executive director of School Leadership with District 11.

The staff members where given news of the name change but not given a direct reason.

Entire Staff: Uncertainty of Jobs is Stressing Staff out

“Sadly, it really has hurt my soul,” the anonymous source said.” Because I don’t even know how else to put it. Yes, it’s a pandemic. We, in fact, trying to figure out how to get through. The stress level of everyone is so high now. That’s because we want our kids to do well. Then, they know they’re gonna tell us that they’re firing all of us. In fact, not even give us an answer or reason?” 

Mitchell High School is Behind on Achievement Standards

For the entire four years, it’s been on the clock, Mitchell has not met academic achievement standards. This is according to state data. A big part of that reason is that is the number of kids who do opt-out of state testing. It was revealed by the anonymous employee. Coming to take a test on a Saturday isn’t an option because the kids have full-time jobs. While others don’t plan on going to college. Moreover, they don’t see a reason to take it. As a result, the school’s graduation rates have also been subpar.

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