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Employers are Looking to Hire People as Thousands of Jobs Open up

You are currently viewing Employers are Looking to Hire People as Thousands of Jobs Open up
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Employers of many businesses and companies across the state are on a hiring spree. In fact, there are thousands of job openings throughout different industries. In fact, many employers would like to fill those jobs right before the holiday season commences.

Employers at King Soopers

In fact, there is a race that is on to hire nearly 2,000 workers at King Soopers for the holiday season and beyond.

“It seems we have a lot of people who came for that holiday job. Then, they wind up staying for a career. Also, we have a ton of people who come and they work while they’re in college. Then, they leave and go on to another career,” said Jessica Trowbridge, corporate affairs manager for King Soopers and City Market.

There is practically every position is available in Colorado.

Employers have Jobs for the Public and Tout the Positions

“If you’re interested in working in produce or in the front end, as a cashier… We definitely have openings in e-commerce. Also, we even have department head and salary opening positions that are open and available as well,” Trowbridge said.

There are similar hiring events that are taking place across the state. It is really creating a competitive job market with so many companies that are offering attractive benefits.

Good Benefits for Potential Employees

“We are paying $15.45 an hour to start. Also, we have medical, dental, vision for certain designated positions,” said Ian Ebersole, co-general manager for Bass Pro Shops in Denver. “We really do have a lot of good competitive benefits.”

The Bass Pro Shops are now looking to hire more than 100 workers across the Front Range. And this would be in just one day of holding a hiring fair at their local store. Yet they have managed to hire approximately or close 15 people.

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