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Electric Vehicles VS. COVID-19: BMW Comes Out On Top

You are currently viewing Electric Vehicles VS. COVID-19: BMW Comes Out On Top
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Not even a global pandemic can stop BMW’s new electric vehicles sales. Despite financial unrest, the carmaker is mostly on track for the first half of 2020.

Pieter Nota, a member of the Board of Management, attributes some of their overall success to the sales of electric cars. “Demand for our electrified vehicles also outperformed the market trend in the first half of the year. Our wide range of plug-in hybrid models and the new fully-electric MINI are in high demand among our customers.”

The BMW Group intends to have at least 25 electric models by the year 2023. Already they have a solid stock of plug-in hybrid models which they intend to continue to build on. The BMW i technology brand is working on both hybrids and entirely electric batteries for the future.

Electric Vehicles Sales: Are People Still Buying Cars?

With the economy in constant flux, it might seem like people are less likely to spend. And certainly that’s the case for many families. But those with the means are still purchasing cars. And if you break down the logic behind it, it makes sense that automobiles will continue to sell as time goes on.

The Shelter-in-Place ordinances kept people indoors for a few months but as states begin to reopen, people return to work. Public transport seemed like an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to travel before. However, there are new factors to consider. The pandemic made cars nearly obsolete for a period of time. But they may prove to be more popular than ever going forward.

Public transport requires passengers to sit beside, breathe the same air as, and touch the same surfaces as strangers. In crowded cities especially, trains and buses already have a reputation for being dirty and underfunded. Now that the entire nation is being asked to practice social distancing, privacy is more important than ever. We may never look at public events as completely safe again.

A car is a moderate investment. But there are ways to buy or lease on payment plans. And it’s hard to put a price on safety in these times. If BMW can make their electric vehicles affordable and their charging stations frequent, people may be happy to buy up those units in the coming months. And if you want to protect your new investment, make sure to look into shipping your new car!

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