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Councilwoman Mulls East-West Mobility Projects

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One of the big concerns that Colorado Springs officials have in the new year is improving mobility in the city. After all, Colorado Springs is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Therefore, its mobility needs are only getting more serious. Thankfully, city Councilwoman Nancy Henjum is taking it seriously. Her office announced yesterday that she would host a town hall to discuss a pair of east-west mobility projects.

The projects would require a feasibility study before they could receive council approval. The study would look into the efficacy of the proposed changes as well as the cost of the projects, weighing whether or not they would be worth the investment. After all, projects like the two the town hall will consider take lots of time and money and could make things worse before they get better. Therefore, the study will also have to find safeguards for the communities that the construction would impact.

Town Hall to Consider Two East-West Mobility Projects

The first of the two projects is a widening proposal for Fillmore Street. This major east-west thoroughfare is one of the main streets taking visitors to the Garden of the Gods, making it important for Colorado Springs’s tourism sector. Fillmore is presently a four-lane street, and it consistently sees serious traffic delays. Widening it by two lanes, one on each side, could help ease that congestion, but it might also disrupt businesses and homes in the area.

Similar concerns come up when discussing the other project, a potential extension of Constitution Avenue. The city has discussed extending Constitution Avenue all the way to I-25 for years now. This would be the first real step towards actually making that happen. However, there is still the matter of how the city will accomplish this goal. It’s also worth noting that this extension would increase traffic significantly next to an elementary school, which could endanger those kids.

The town hall will take place on January 21st, so mark your calendars! You can find more information about this town hall and other Colorado Springs City Council events on its website.

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