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Colorado Van Life: What’s It Like?

You are currently viewing Colorado Van Life: What’s It Like?
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Living a Colorado van life is exciting. Colorado has some die-hard people. Of course, it bolsters some of the best conditions for skiing, hiking, climbing and many other outdoor activities. In order to go where no one else has gone, some need a way to get there. Sometimes, living in your vehicle for extended periods of time is necessary.

Living in a van provides these adrenaline chasers the ability to make longer trips and further their goals of achieving the impossible. But what does it take to build a van?

#1 A Van

Purchasing a van can be a daunting task. You want to go with something that can be reliable in a pinch. Many people purchase used vans. For most, a full $60k investment is far outside of the price range. Thus, building, fixing and converting a van is the typical method. When you search for a van, make sure it has low mileage, and a full report of any services that may have been done on it.

#2 Materials

This is your experience. The construction is done when you say it is. Many people go far above and beyond to create small homes that are both form and function. Regardless of how you want to make the interior, the function needs to be adressed.

Spray foam for insulation is important. Standard home insulation is prone to absorbing moisture and degradation can happen over time. Spray foam insulation is much more practical as it if form fitting and helps to lock out any trapped moisture in the van.

In order to strip the van of the interior, you’ll simply need some angle grinders, a sharp knife or two, an electric saw and an electric drill. Most of the projects that I work on utilize these at some point. For anything else, its additional.

3# Time

This isn’t something you can do overnight. My first van was approximately 4 months of work. That was simply to make it “livable”. For any fancy features you would like to add such as wood paneling on the floor and walls will take extra time as well as extra money. It’s easy to recycle what you have stripped out and turn it into something new and exotic if you have the imagination.

Colorado Van Living Conditions

The environment of Colorado can pose many issues. From tremendous snowfall to the wet, damp climate of Spring, the weather can prove treacherous. It is important to think that all adequate living conditions need to be well thought out.

Colorado van living can be fun, but also tricky. It is always important to make sure you are well prepared before you start your journey.

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