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Colorado Springs Is Tiny Homes Capital

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As housing market takes off in Colorado Springs, people are looking for more affordable options and the builders strive to provide them. Colorado Springs is the largest manufacturer of so-called tiny homes in the US. Tiny homes are trailers with 200sf houses built atop of them. Tiny homes are also a movement that encourages choosing smaller spaces for lower prices instead of traditional houses.


Colorado Springs is home to Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. Their local facility produces 125 tiny houses annually, making Colorado Springs the tiny house capital of America. People mostly choose tiny houses to get their own place for a low price as they can’t afford paying for a traditional house. For instance, it is a great option for young people. It is also a way to pay less for a house itself and spend more on filling it with better quality items and getting various upgrades.


Potential tiny home buyers can check if it is the right choice for them by renting out a house from Tumbleweed at Garden of the Gods RV Resort. Living in 200sf can be amazing but it’s not for everyone and it is a good idea to see if you like before making an investment.


Colorado Springs will host Tiny House Jamboree on August 5-7 this year. It will be held at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. Last year the event attracted 40,000 people to the area.

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