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Colorado Springs Man Arrested for Transferring Marijuana to Ohio

You are currently viewing Colorado Springs Man Arrested for Transferring Marijuana to Ohio
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PUTNAM COUNTY, Indiana — A Colorado Springs man is facing charges for transferring over 75 pounds of marijuana through Indiana, according to Indiana State Police.

Thomas Lee, 21, was pulled over for speeding on eastbound Interstate 70 in Putnam County, officers said around 10:40 a.m. Wednesday. Officers searched the car, after a conversation with Lee. They found a handbag full of packaged marijuana on the back seat. Also, 3 handbags filled with packaged marijuana and vials of marijuana oil in the trunk.

Officers said they seized a total of 75 pounds of marijuana and 300 bottles of marijuana oil in the search. These staggering numbers show that this man wasn’t just someone who enjoys getting high for himself. No one smuggles this much marijuana just for personal use. No, this is indicative of a full-on smuggling operation.

Colorado Springs Man Smuggled Tons of Weed

According to the officers, Lee was traveling from Colorado to Ohio. He was arrested and charged with possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana, dealing marijuana over 10 pounds, and possession of a controlled substance. He will stay in the Putnam County jail until his court date. We don’t know when that date will be yet, but we hope it’s soon.

These charges, especially taken together, can add up to incredibly serious charges. Mr. Lee will likely face many years in prison for this transgression. While it’s sad to see a 21-year-old throw away his life, it’s even sadder to see it happen over something that should be federally legal anyway. If marijuana was legal across the country, it would still be illegal to do what Mr. Lee did. However, people would no longer go to jail for years over minor possession. In this regard, Colorado is very much ahead of the curve. Hopefully, the rest of the country eventually catches up to us.

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