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Colorado Springs Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Dead

You are currently viewing Colorado Springs Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Dead
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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – A crash on North Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs has resulted in the death of one motorcyclist. According to the Colorado Springs police, the crash killed the man instantly upon impact.

Authorities were called to central Colorado Springs around 9:30 p.m. in response to calls about a motorcycle crash. The accident occurred Monday night near Miguel Street, in the 1400 block of North Academy Boulevard. Police arrived at the scene of the crash; however, the man was already pronounced dead.

Colorado Springs Motorcyclist May Have Clipped Curb

The facts are still vague, however, there seems to have been no concerns of foul play in the matter. Moreover, police believe the crash happened after the motorcyclist hit a left-hand curb following a curve in the road. Whether the man was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident is still unclear.

Furthermore, according to crash investigators, speed may have been a leading factor in the motorcycle crash that left one man dead. After all, driving too fast is a leading factor in traffic accidents turning deadly. Unsurprisingly, going faster leads to greater consequences in accidents. Speed kills, people, so make sure you’re staying within reasonable speed ranges.

The man’s name has yet to be released. However, no other drivers were hurt in the crash. Therefore, there is nothing like a homicide investigation going on. It appears that this particular motorcycle crash was relatively faultless.

Nevertheless, fatalities involving motorcycles are on the rise. This crash marks the 6th casualty where a motorcyclist was concerned. However, it is the 25th traffic accident this year that has resulted in death. Traffic fatalities are generally high across the country, which is a very concerning trend. Being out on the road already is a bigger risk than most people realize. So stay safe out there, Colorado Springs!

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