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Why Colorado Springs Convenience Store Clerk Fired After Robbery?

Why Colorado Springs Convenience Store Clerk Fired After Robbery?
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COLORADO SPRINGS – A clerk at a local convenience store said she tried to fight off a robber before he made off with cash from the register, and ended up getting fired hours later.


The robbery happened at the Western Convenience Store near East Platte Avenue near North Circle Drive in Colorado Springs on September 9.


Keller’s termination papers said she was fired for violating a company policy about how much money can be inside the cash register. She admits she made that mistake. However, she didn’t think it should have cost her a job.


“[The suspect] comes into the store, tackles the clerk and takes a hidden amount of money,” said Colorado Springs Police Sgt. Robert Wilson.


She told that she remembers the physical fight she got into with the robber when he tricked her in the store after pretending to be interested in buying some rolling papers.


“We kind of fought and we tussled. He was like ‘I don’t want to hurt you,’ and I was like, ‘Well just [expletive] leave’ and he was like ‘not without the money,'” said Keller.


She said the robber made her open the register and made off with cash. Later that day she got called back into work to meet with the manager.


“They told me they were firing me because I had too much money in my drawer,” said Keller.


There are similar policies at different convenience stores to limit the amount that robbers can take.


Keller told that she was catching up on side work left over from employees who were at the store before her, and forgot to drop the extra money in a safe.


“In trying to do their job, I could not do my job. In not doing my job properly is partly why I didn’t drop the money that I should’ve,” she said.


Keller claims she had never been written up at work or received any other complaints before she was fired. She now has a message for other clerks.


“Even though things must be done in the store, you got to look out for yourself. The main thing is: drop that money,” Keller said. She has not found a new job yet.


Officers are still searching for the suspect in the robbery. He is described as a tall, Hispanic man in his mid-20s to early 30s, with slight facial hair and was wearing a florescent ball cap with a black logo.


If you have any information about the suspect, call Colorado Springs police.

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