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Colorado Gets New Driver’s Licenses

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The State of Colorado is issuing new driver’s licenses. The DMVs in Aurora, Littleton and Frisco have started distributing new licenses in March. Now it is time for the rest of the state.

The DMV office in Colorado Springs is closed today, Wednesday, April 6, for training and the installation of the new equipment. The new driver’s license is very different from the old one. It is more colorful and has the Mount Sneffels in the background. It also features a grayscaled laser-engraved photo of the driver.

The closures of DMV offices started Tuesday. The last day for the closures will be Thursday, April 14.

Drivers with current driver’s licenses can use them till the date of expiration. Only drivers with expiring driver’s licenses need to get licenses with a new design now.


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  1. Evan

    In my opinion, it’s a good sign that the state of Colorado is creating a new design intended to increase safety and security. One may argue that it’s simply inconvenient for Colorado residents to have to obtain a license with a different design, but this inconvenience is offset by the fact that residents don’t need to renew their licenses before the expiration date just to get the new design. The only inconvenience or Colorado residents seems to be that DMVs have to be closed in order to implement the license changes, but since the closings only last a couple of days maximum, it’s evident that the changes will have more positive than negative consequences.

  2. Toni Carter

    It’s time for those ugly drivers licenses to get a facelift!

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