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Colorado Demands More Electric Cars

You are currently viewing Colorado Demands More Electric Cars
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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Like California, Colorado has now adopted the zero-emission-vehicle ruling, requiring automakers to sell more electric cars. Therefore, Colorado is now the 11th state to implement this order.

Moreover, the new regulation was approved by Colorado’s air-quality commission on August 23 by a vote of 8 to 1. As a result, an automaker’s new car roster must include at least 5% of electric cars, or EVs by 2023. However, in 2025 the percentage will increase by 1%.

According to the director of Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division, Garry Kaufman, “It’s a simple proposal in the face of a serious threat. Where the federal government declines to act, states must lead.”

Additionally, the Colorado agreement mirrors the same one mandated by California regulators. However, it is a bit tougher than the standards outlined by the White House.

Furthermore, automakers will receive credit for the electric cars they sell before the new mandate takes effect.

In addition, car companies can purchase credits from other automakers that surpass emissions targets. However, the credit value will depend on the electric cars’ zero-emission range.

Colorado already ranks high in EV sales coming in at 2.6% last year, which is twice the national average.

Furthermore, in order to comply with the new sales requirement, automakers can include both plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle are not required to buy a plug-in hybrid or EV.

Moreover, Colorado’s new governor Jared Polis is a reason for the change as his administration is centered around environmental protection.

Consequently, Polis joined California’s zero-emissions mandate in January. The funding to work on building more electric cars came from the Volkswagen Dieselgate settlement, in which the state received $68 million.

Still, Polis’ new policy clashes with President Trump who wants to roll back emissions and fuel economy standards.

Other states that have adopted this mandate include, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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