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Chevy Wants To Swap The Camaro With A Sporty Sedan Of Electric-Power

You are currently viewing Chevy Wants To Swap The Camaro With A Sporty Sedan Of Electric-Power
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General Motors is leading the race with the latest pursuit of EV relevancy. And when it comes to the Chevy Camaro, this model might be the latest to face the chopping block. The Chevy is looking like it’ll be swapped out with a high-performance electric sedan by the time 2025 hits.

Chevrolet might even cease all production of this muscle car once the generation kind of slows down more. This is in hindsight realizing that the Mustang and the Challenger alike are in higher demand than the Camaro.

Earlier, GM has been playing with the idea that the latest model will be one of those powered by an Ultium battery. This type of battery platform is the same that supports about upwards of 1,000 horsepower within the GMC Hummer EV.

What role is Chevy playing by making this substitution permanent?

GM is still going to leave about 30 electric vehicles around by 2025. This is with the desire to go totally carbon neutral by the time it’s 2040. If things go accordingly to plan, the Chevy Camaro will cease to exist, only to be reincarnated as an electric performance sedan.

Chevy has made it obvious that the Camaro, in this economy, is en route out the door. The vehicle itself has sold about less than 30,000 Camaros in the past year alone.

This is a decrease of 38.3 percent more steep, when connected to 2019’s. Since then, Ford has proved worth by selling two times as many Mustangs, resulting in the Mach-E being the best-selling EV in their line-up.

Chevy is laying the groundwork but at least GM as a whole isn’t miles behind. Dodge themselves made it known that they’re fixing on introducing an electric-powered muscle car, aptly titled the eMuscle.

As it stands, the Camaro ZL1 has 275-horsepower with turbocharged 2.0-liter as it’s most basic form. It currently operates on the RWD Alpha platform. When we’ll see the future Chevy Camaros advance to Ultium will truly be a sign for the end of days.

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