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A Man Facing Felony Charges for Intentionally Driving into a Stranger on I-25

A Man Facing Felony Charges for Intentionally Driving into a Stranger on I-25
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A man that intentionally drove into another man is facing felony assault charges.


There are only little injuries caused by the crash. The victim stayed at the hospital Tuesday night with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.


The suspect, Alan Du, is expected to appear in court next week.


One of the family members of the victim said that he has woken up and is responsive at this moment. He said that he even doesn’t believe he survived the crash on Sunday. With the victim, there was his girlfriend in the car the whole time and she helped the police to track down the suspect.


After her interview, according to the papers, the chain of events which led to the alleged road rage incident may have started with the couple beating Du onto I-25.


As the victim’s girlfriend says, the couple was on Mesa Ridge Parkway, and they were preparing to merge on the interstate, a white Lexus SUV appeared on the horizon. After which, it started to bother and even to bump into their car at one point.


The couple exited on South Nevada, pulled into the emergency shoulder, and the victim climbed out of his car, according to the court documents. The SUV followed suit and pulled in roughly 60 yards behind them. Two witnesses who exited the interstate around the same time told police what they saw next.


The victim’s family says there is a GoFundMe page be set up to help pay for hospital bills.


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