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I-25 Closures in Colorado Springs This Summer

You are currently viewing I-25 Closures in Colorado Springs This Summer
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According to CDOT officials, the Cimarron construction on I-25 will continue through the summer. Full overnight closures are to be expected during summer months, as well as some lane restrictions.


On US 24 there will be overnight lane restrictions in June. On I-25 southbound some lanes will be closed for paving.


In July CDOT plans to set up girders between, so temporary shutdowns can be expected at US-24 and the I-25 bridge. There will be an interstate closure afterwards due to setting up girders on the Cimarron over Fountain Creek Bridge.


In August overnight closures are expected again due to aligning the I-25 southbound off-ramp across the bridge.


The schedule of July and August closures is not available yet.


Throughout the construction zones there will also be narrowed lines and speed reductions on the interstate, but three lanes will remain open both ways during daytime.


The final phases of the project are planned to take place in winter.

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