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200 Warehouse Job Openings by Amazon in Colorado Springs

You are currently viewing 200 Warehouse Job Openings by Amazon in Colorado Springs
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Colorado Springs, Colorado – Hundreds of new jobs are going to be offered by the tech giant Amazon in Colorado Springs.


The company will be opening more than 200 positions for a warehouse operation. Event was held in the Pikes Peak Workforce center earlier this week. It was a hiring event for Amazon.


The warehouse the company looking employees for is going to be out near the Colorado Springs Airport


The construction of the warehouse is still underway. The plot near the Colorado Springs Airport is being cleared up.


According to Colorado Springs Airport officials, they signed a nondisclosure with the project’s tenant.


The Pikes Peak Workforce Center mentioned 200 positions being filled, but more job openings are going to be posted on Amazon’s website Friday night.


To avoid facing the false job posting, the company warned those are interested in applying, to look for the job opportunities by visiting the company’s website directly.


Last month the company hired more than 200 virtual ‘’work from home’’ jobs and most of those positions are full –time.


The areas included customer service, sales and human resources.


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