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School Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

September 17, 2019
safety tips for truckers

The kids are back to school, and the roads are busier than ever. Though truckers don’t travel through residential areas much, it’s a good idea to remind drivers of a few rules to follow in and around designated school zones.

Undoubtedly, all drivers should stay on high alert in school zones, especially when you know kids could be present nearby.

By following some basic school safety tips for truck drivers, you can do your part in ensuring our kids are safe.


It should be noted that slowing down in school zones can make a big difference for truck drivers too. Keep in mind that it takes a lot longer for vehicles of a certain weight to stop. Therefore, drivers should look out for school zones which have much lower speed limits.  


Additionally, be on the lookout for school buses that make frequent stops. This means, you should never pass a bus while it’s picking up or dropping off students. Not to mention, it is against the law to pass a bus while its stop arm is extended too. Furthermore, it is recommended that truck drivers stay farther behind a bus than a normal passenger vehicle. This will give you more time to stop.


Moreover, not all children use the crosswalk as they should, making it extremely dangerous for drivers. Therefore, truckers should be on high alert in and around school zones. Follow the directions of the crossing guard, even when you’re in a hurry. Not to mention, kids tend to dart out from nowhere, so keep your eyes on the road!


Lastly, if you know your driving schedule coincides with the time of school arrival or dismissal, allot some extra time to reach your destination. Furthermore, you should use the highway or interstate instead of trucking through residential neighborhoods.

What are some additional back to school safety tips for truck drivers? Share below.

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